The technology of new laser assisted micro welding process gives more possibilities to production.

Suitable materials for laser welding are for example most glass types and silicon. The welding is done at the material interface that does neither damage the surface or transparent layer on top, nor due to a low temperature sealing method, harm the encapsulated devices. Conventional sealing technology like glass fusion bonding and anodic bonding need high temperature, high pressure and/or high voltage.

Also no additive material is needed. Our technology method also leads to superior hermeticity of embedded elements.

Glass cost-effectiveness, durability, high melting point, chemical inertness, transparency and capacity for optical transmission in visible, ultra-violet and near-infrared light make it a highly desirable material in several markets. This technology fits for example in the medical field, the physical nature of glass allows for superior transmission of RF signals resulting in the use of less power to transmit a signal, the need for smaller antenna and long term implantability due to its hermetic and bioinert properties.

  • Glass Welding Technology

Glass welding process