IVAM Compamed Spring Convention, May 3

Früjahrsforum IVAM Compamed Spring Convention

We join the IVAM Compamed Spring Convention in Frankfurt, May 3, 2018

Listen and discuss the topic of implant in four sessions:

– Technologies for the production of implants

– Packaging for implants

– Materials for medical implants

– Microtechnology in medical applications

We are proud to present GlencaTec and the glass encapsulation technology.

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GlencaTec-Synoste Case Study

GlencaTec announces the publication of the Case Study, Glass Encapsulation, How it Aids in Implant Miniaturization and RF Communication.  GlencaTec’s glass encapsulation technology provides the key to Synoste’s novel limb lengthening system “Nitinail”.

GlencaTec-Synoste Case Study