MiNaPAD forum, May 16-17, Grenoble

Grenoble, May 16. to 17. 

Visit GlencaTec at the MiNaPAD forum.

iMAPS hosts the 6th edition at the WTC in Grenoble, France:

Micro-Nano-electronics Packaging and Assembly Design manufacturing forum.

We are proud to be on side with a booth and on stage with our Sales Manager Martin Künzi.

Come and listen to the functional glass encapsulation for micro-systems.

iMAPS, 22.-23. November 2017, Lyon

iMAPS Advanced Technology WorkshopLyon, November 22. to 23.

Visit us at the iMAPS workshop.

iMAPS host the 5th Advanced Technical Workshop:

Microelectronics, Systems and Packaging for Medical Applications.

We are proud to announce, that our Sales Manager Martin Künzi will held a presentation.

Come and listen to the company’s history, technology and benefit of GlencaTec’s glass solutions.

Meet and discuss afterwards with about functional and miniaturized packaging out of glass.